Vanamal Lucifer (orgasmaddcit) wrote in unembracedbeing,
Vanamal Lucifer

Test entry, and all that mess.

What is your first name?
Do you like your name?
How old are you?
What do you like about being your age?
What do you hate about being your age?
Where do you live?
What is something you love about where you live?
What is something you hate about where you live?
Are you male, or female, or all of the above?
What is something you have noticed about your gender than most would not admit?

Special to you:
Are you religious and/or spiritual? If so, elaborate:
What brings a smile to your face?
What takes that smile away?
What are your hobbies? Show us an example if you like:
What are some movies you like?
What are some books you like?
What kinds of music do you enjoy?
Name some singers and/or bands you like:

What are your thoughts on:
Public Schools vs. home schooling/ free education:
Vegetarian diets:
**Please add one more opinion topic and your opinion, seeing as I am out of non-generic opinion topics, and I might consider adding it to the application.**

Who are your role models and what for?
What is something you have realized about human behavior on your own?
What is the most extreme thing you have ever done?
What irritates you?
What is something you do that you have never known anyone else to do?
Anything else that could make this application or community better?

Please promote this beautiful community to your friends or other communities, using our community banners:
Promotion location:
Promotion location:
(optional) Promotion location:

The wonderful you:
A few or more pictures of yourself here:

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