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For those special people,

Who don't fit in anywhere else.

A community for the unexpected.
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All Members , Moderated
This community is for people who:
+ are eager to learn.
+ are willing to accept anything that comes their way.
+ want to share interesting tales.
+ want to show us their interesting faces.
+ have personality.
+ don’t let anyone else tell them how to live.
+ may not be conventional.
+ may not be accepted by society.
+ find it difficult to relate to others.
+ are mature and open minded.
+ love being themselves.
+ might think they’re all alone.
+ might be seen by other people as unusual.
+ think on their own.

Rules for this community:

For applicants:
+ copy and paste the application into your update journal page.
+ if you find a spelling and/or grammar error in the application, let me know.
+ a good image hosting website that you don’t have to register for is www.imageshack.us. (use the “link for websites” link)
+ don’t hold back on anything in your application answers, let yourself shine through.
+ fight with members all you want, I will just delete the arguments, and ban you. (Short debate on undecided votes is not fighting.)

For accepted members:
+ I would rather see one picture of you a week than 52 pictures of you in one setting.
+ put all pictures behind a LJ-cut.
+ post something interesting that happened in your life along with your pictures.
+ if pictures are not work safe, please let us know outside of the LJ-cut.

For accepted members on voting applicants:
+ remember this community is about being unique, not just like you.
+ try to not discriminate on age, if an applicant is much younger than you, try to think back to when you were that age.
+ Put your Yes or No in the subject of a MAIN comment, not a “reply to” comment (they’re just easier to count this way).
+ try not to base your vote on whether their music/movies/books/opinions are like yours or not.
+ vote on all applicants.

Promo Banners can be found here: http://www.livejournal.com/community/unembracedbeing/1750.html
+++ ALSO: I am seeking each of the following for this community:
HTML Junkie, for page layout, user info, stuff that could be better.
Co mod. I might decide this upon application in the next few weeks. I'm not sure yet.